New! AmiZilla Guidelines

We want to say a very big Thank You to "Targhan" webmaster of

Many of the Guidelines on this page are his recommendations.

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The information on this page should help guide AmiZilla programmers how to make the most effective use of thier time on this project.


1. Programmers should stick with GCC as their compiler of choice, which is the best way to get the project to become native on MorphOS, OS4, and x86/Amithlon, AROS etc.

2. The money will be divided up to the winning team based on how much work each team member does. For example if person xyz did 70% of the coding he/she would get 70% of the booty.

3. The AmiZilla Project must fully compile with running binaries on each of the following Amiga-like OS's: OS3.1, OS3.5+, MorphOS native version, Amiga OS 4.0 native version, UAE, Amithlon, DraCo. (Hint: don't hit the hardware, and stick to OS3.1: MUI, ClassAct 2, some internal gadget system, and bgui are acceptable). -etc. If a person or team successfully ports Firefox to one of the target operating systems then they will get 25% of the booty.

4. NO enforcer hits, NO wipeout hits, NO patchwork hits
and preferably no memory leaks either...

5. If by some chance 2 different teams both release a version of AmiZilla within a few days of each other we will consider spliting the booty with all coders involded. Keep in mind though this is a contest and the most money goes to the person/team that has done the most work on the project. We are considering some type of "second place team." prize but nothing has been finalized yet.

6. If you have suggestions, comments feedback let your voice be heard. Send all suggestions to amigazillafund AT

7. If you can don't forget to donate, each and every dollar counts and gives programmers that much more incentive to bring Mozilla to Amiga.

8. Linux Coders we want you. Linux programmers are also welcome to try their hand @ porting Mozilla to Amiga. They are a talented group of coders and have given Microsoft a lot of grief. Nice Show!

9. Dont forget our moto. "The goal of the AmiZilla effort is to raise such an obscene/huge amount of money to give away to the first programmer/team that can port Mozilla to Amiga that Amiga programmers will be falling over themselves getting this application coded in record time. "

When sending a donation please mention what handle & slogan you want your name listed under.









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