ProMix Tools

ProMix Tools is a collection of four tools: MixAudio, AddAudio, InsertAudio, and JoinClips. This suite of tools allows you to import and export Flyer clips in a wide variety of audio formats, perform infinite audio mixdowns, add audio to video clips, and edit audio using a waveform interface.

Imagine setting up a project using audio clips and appropriate fades, levels, timing and length. Then, with a click of the mouse, ProMix automatically will mix all of your audio and settings to a new single audio clip! Programs include:
  • MixAudio - mixes any number of Audio croutons down to a single audio clip. You must have an audio-only project, or shift select audio clips from within a project to mix.
  • AddAudio - adds or replaces the audio portion of a video clip, still, or animation.
  • InsertAudio - performs an insert audio edit on a video clip. This overwrites a portion of the audio on the clip without touching the audio before or after it.
  • JoinClips - joins a sequence of audio or video clips together, writing a new clip that preserves both the IN and OUT points in the project. This will handle cuts only and does not handle effects.
Here is the full source for you to study/enjoy:

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