Special Thank You

Cinnamon Toast Ultimate Thank Yous to:

  • Newtek Incorporated (Including but not limited to Tim Jenison, Paul Lara, Philip Nelson & Chuck Baker ).

  • Bill Evans and Aaron "Aarexx" Ruscetta.

  • Henning Nielsen Lund for our new logo

  • Bifford & mechan0r for editing suggestions.

  • Rene Koenig for our German mirror site.

  • bcarpign for the Flyer interface screenshots

  • Mike_Amiga aka ED-209 for the "Toasted Video" image

  • ProWave for additional source code.

  • Tom Richard for 2007 Open Video Toaster site update/new layout.
Special thanks to the following supporters of Open Video Toaster.
Their support will help the site grow with additional content, source-code and features.
  • Bill Panagouleas (USA) $387.01

  • Vic Halley (USA) $200, he also donated a Video Toaster 4000 & Flyer to the Las Vegas Amiga Club.

  • Kees Marijnsen (Netherlands) $50 donation, OVT CD-ROM+ Free Gift.

  • Robert Metzler (USA) $40 donation, OVT CD-ROM.

  • Alan Swithenbank (USA) $25 + $9.95, OVT CD-ROM.

  • Jean-Francois Bachelet (France) $15 donation, OVT CD-ROM + Free Gift.

  • David Baisley (USA) $9.95, OVT CD-ROM.

  • Brad Stockdale (USA) $9.95, OVT CD-ROM.

  • Jule Miller III $9.95, OVT CD-ROM.

  • Diane Greathouse (USA) $9.95, OVT CD-ROM.

  • Mark Granger (USA) $9.95, OVT CD-ROM.

  • Rene W. Olsen (Denmark) $9.95, OVT CD-ROM.

  • Robert Willie (UK) $8 donation.

  • Bill P. (USA) $500 donation to a programmer to write an AHI driver for the Flyer.

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