In 1991 Tim Jenison and several other high tech brains at NewTek Incorporated, had an idea to make video editing hardware/software that would outclass all others. The product was to become 'The Amiga Video Toaster'.

The Amiga Video Toaster launched an entire industry with its power, affordable price, and feature set. Replacing $250,000 of broadcast quality television studio equipment, the Amiga Video Toaster allowed anyone that could afford to buy a car get into video production.

Newtek did it again when they added tapeless editing hardware to the Toaster in 1994, The Flyer. The Desktop Video industry started with the Amiga Video Toaster, and now Newtek in an awesome gesture to Amiga enthusiasts is allowing the source code for this amazing product to be released so it can be tinkered with, and upgraded further by the community.

The worlds first video production system in a box has now become the worlds first open source real time video editing system for your Amiga computer workstation.

Want the modern day equivalent to the Video Toaster and so much more? Don't forget to check out and buy one of NewTek's 4k or HD TriCasters.

TriCaster TC1

TriCaster HD Family

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