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Aladdin4D is a software program for modeling and rendering three-dimensional graphics and animations, for the Amiga platform. Aladdin4D was originally created by Greg Gorby at Adspec Programming in Ohio. The 3D program was then acquired and updated by Nova Design, Inc.

Nova Design added many modern features and made it easier to use.

On December 17th, 2007 Nova Design sold all Aladdin4D inventory, source code and intellectual property rights to DiscreetFX LLC. On December 12, 2014, DiscreetFX sold the AmigaOS source code and development rights for Aladdin4D on AmigaOS, ApolloOS, MorphOS & AROS platforms to A-EON Technology Ltd. DiscreetFX retains the rights to other non-Amiga like platforms.

Aladdin 4D's Virtual Character Product Representative.


Aladeena is a trademark of DiscreetFX and can't be used without permission.

A-Eon Technology Ltd is allowed to use Aladeena solely for the purpose of promoting Aladdin4D (any version) or the AmiStore App store.


Aladdin4D is one of the few modern 3D applications for the Amiga platform, in the sense that it uses an OS-compliant GUI, it supports RTG displays, it utilizes the AmigaGuide Help system and features an Arexx port for scripting. Concerning the 3D features of the application:

- Infinite layering of surfaces: A surface of an object may have a virtually infinite amount of textures, shaders etc layered on it.

- Spline modelling tool.
- Importing of most postscript files, making the creation of logos easier.

- Unlimited number of working layers: multiple working areas containing only a portion of the scene, easing out the management and pace of objects during the creation of animation.

- Gaseous volumetrics with adjustable mass.

- Built-in particle system to simulate various effects like fireworks.

- Morphing capabilities in the animation system.

- Spline animation controls

Also, Aladdin4D has advanced rendering features like motion blur, multiple pass supersampling, lens flares, 32-bit color support and a highly optimized 68k rendering engine.
Format support

Aladdin4D supports the following 3D formats: Aladdin 4D, Lightwave3D, GEO, EPS, DEM, Draw4D-Pro and Draw4D, 3D Studio for either loading or loading and saving. Image Formats supported for loading and saving: IFF/ILBM (palette mapped and 24-bit formats), JPEG and Video Toaster Framestores.

Aladdin4D supports exchange of data with ImageFX, Amiga Lightwave 3D/Video Toaster, World Construction Set and all programs that support Nova Design's "Magic" protocol for buffer sharing.


Aladdin4D latest version runs on any Amiga platform or an emulated one, like Amiga Forever, FS-UAE, UAE (including WinUAE & E-UAE), and also on the Draco and Pegasos or Mac Mini G4 systems running MorphOS.


Aladdin4D 6.0 Mult-platform will be an entry level package that may not have all the modern features similar programs do, but enough to get someone introduced to the 3D graphics world and create a portfolio. For questions about the AmigaOS, MorphOS or AROS versions please contact A-EON Technology Ltd. The submission of new ideas and features for the next version has already begun in the Aladdin4D forums


Aladdin4D is a entry level, easy to use beginners 3D animation software package. Customers that want the latest tech in 3D animation / modeling / rendering software should purchase NewsTek's Emmy award winning LightWave 3D.


Aladdin's Lamp

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System Requirements

Aladdin4D 5.x works with the Vampire V4, FPGA Amiga's, classic machines running Amiga OS 3.x or Amiga Virtual Machines via Amiga Forever or WinUAE/FS-UAE/UAE. It also works with MorphOS, AmigaOS 4.x, ApolloOS  & AROS.

Please note that Aladdin4D's fate is now controlled by two companies. Read the press release below for more information.

Press Release

A-EON Technology Ltd has full rights and source code to develop Aladdin4D on the three platforms listed below.

AmigaOS 4.x


MorphOS 3.x

DiscreetFX's version of Aladdin4D 6.0, whenever it's available will work native on the platforms listed below.





macOS Monterey

Windows (Never sold!, instead included free with purchase of a version for other platforms). The Windows version will not be a Metro/Modern App and will work best with Windows 7,10 and 11. It may work on Windows 8 but won't be tested or support for that OS version. It should also work on Windows XP but has not been tested on that OS.

Aladdin4D 6.0 Current Multi-Platform Status listed below.

Aladdin4D 6.0 macOS Stable Release (Internal Beta) / Janurary 17th, 2013.

Aladdin4D 6.0 AROS Stable Release (Internal Beta) / February 2nd, 2014.

Please Note - Over 3000 man hours of development time have gone into the coding & updating of Aladdin4D 6.0. Aladdin4D is being modernized and brought into the 21st Century.

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