Per the request of the main contributor the AmiZilla Contest is now closed. No further donations are being accepted. Booty ended on November 19th, 2009 a lizard died but was reincarnated in Project Timberwolf. Please read the Press Release for further options if you donated to the AmiZilla contest. If you are still interested in Firefox for AmigaOS please contribute to the Timberwolf bounty to bring Firefox to Amiga OS 4.x.

AmiZilla is gone but she inspired a paradigm shift in the Amiga market in 2003 when that market was on life support. AmiZilla pointed the way for fans of the Amiga platform, AROS and MorphOS to donate to their favorite systems if they wanted new developments. Many bounty systems sprung up after AmiZilla raised a huge amount of money even in the tiny Amiga market. AROS Bounties, MorphZone Bounties, Power2People, Amigabounty.net, Amiga.org Donations, Amigans Donations and many more. These bounty systems were inspired by AmiZilla and live on. Please donate to your favorite Amiga/MorphOS/AROS cause and help it grow.

A very usable Alpha version of Project Timberwolf (Firefox for Amiga OS 4.1) came out on 06/09/2010.

A new Beta version of Project Timberwolf (Firefox for Amiga OS 4.x came out on 02/16/2012. Download via the link below.

Project Timberwolf Beta

Please Donate to Help Firefox for AmigaOS 4.x

$11,869.64 Booty

Donations Ended in 2009

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Current version of Mozilla Firefox 62

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