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What is the valuation of DiscreetFX?

DiscreetFX is not publicly traded on any stock market or exchange so there is no valuation to share. However, the market for visual effects and video editing on computers will continue to explode & grow as user generated video content expands on the web. DiscreetFX plans to position itself well and be a leading player in this emerging and developing market. 

Does DiscreetFX have a stock symbol?

DiscreetFX is currently a privately held company so there is no stock ticker symbol to share. 

Who owns DiscreetFX? 

DiscreetFX is a privately held start-up. 

How can I learn if DiscreetFX files for an IPO? 

If this happens we will send notification out over the news-wire (Orson Wells Reference). Or better yet CNBC will mention when and if an IPO is imminate.

What if I’m a qualified investor and/or I represent a venture capital fund. How do I contact DiscreetFX for information about a private placement?

Please contact us via phone or email and ask for investments.

Does DiscreetFX know what an Amiga computer is?


Yes, we know what it is. DiscreetFX was founded in 1995 to tutor and train customers how to use the Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer. Then the company morphed into a VisualFX software deverloper first for the Amiga Video Toaster and then on the sequel (Video Toaster [2]) for Windows & TriCaster. It's been an exciting ride so far. Today if you want the most powerful solution for Software Driven Video Production Technology please visit NewTek.


We are working hard to expand DiscreetFX into new markets in the 2020s. Some of the things being worked on for the future are:

  1. Larger and more diverse plug-ins and digital video effects tools for all HD and 4K TriCasters.
  2. Licensing of DiscreetFX's over one hundred Virtual Characters including but not limited to Hottie® and others for commercials, television, video games and feature films.
  3. Major support for Final Cut Pro X.

If you are interested in owning a piece of this future, we could start discussions with you and hear your proposal. Don't be surprised if we turn you down though. Your offer would need to be very compelling to interest us. Serious inquires should contact us at 1-310-658-6968.

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